Arm Yourself with Information – Save a Life

Arm Yourself with Information – Save a Life

After my son’t death, I got to know a lot of information about Anabolic Steroids Abuse. It was doubly hard for me to read about it and to get know what exactly was happening with my son, and which I didn’t even notice. I hope this information will help someone to prevent tragedy.

  1. What are steroids?

Steroids are a prescription medication that comes pill form, injection, or a cream. Steroids are a synthetic substance that mimics the effects of male hormones like testosterone.

  1. Who uses steroids?

Steroids are meant to be prescribed by a doctor for certain illnesses, such as cancer, HIV, or hormone deficiency. They should never be taken by healthy people who don’t need them. Steroid abuse is most frequent among athletes, in order to improve performance,  or anyone (especially teenagers and young adults) looking to gain muscle mass or lose weight.

  1. What constitutes steroid abuse?

Any time a person is taking prescription medicine that is not prescribed to them, or at times when it is not needed even if they hold a prescription for it, is abuse. Healthy people should not take steroids. Nobody should use steroids to improve athletic performance or to work out.

  1. What are the symptoms of steroid abuse?

Common symptoms of steroid abuse include: acne, enlarged breasts, irritability and anger, aggressive or violent behavior, frequent or prolonged erections in men, testicle shrinkage in men, baldness, stunted height growth in prepubescent boys, enlargement of clitoris in women, deepening of voice in women, liver problems, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and more.

  1. How is steroid abuse treated?

Talk therapy is the most common and effective treatment for steroid abuse. Confer with a doctor as well to determine a treatment plan to come off the steroids safely. Doctors can also prescribe or suggest medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Be aware and more attentive to your loved ones!

To learn more about anabolic steroid abuse, watch the video and read more detailed information.